Snidow Family Assn. Announcements:

Old obituaries added for John Chapman Snidow (1839-1876) and James Shannon Snidow (1848-1898).


A couple of notes added to the page for Catherina Barbara Schneido.

Some of John J. Snidow's research notes posted here. (Possible origin of the Snidow name and family).

Minnesota Snidow descendants page added.

Uploaded the research on Margaret Lucille Williams Snidow lineage.

Notes and lineage of Margaret Elizabeth (Mattie) Snidow O'Bryan, dau. of William Luther Snidow (1851-1937)
            and Mary Stiff Snidow (1866-1942) added.   See the SiteMap.

Picture and info on the Pembroke Ferry (Snidow Ferry at Castle Rock in Pembroke) added. Link is also on the SiteMap.

The Great Wagon Road/Wilderness Road page was updated. The link is on the Site Map.

Missouri Snidows page added (link in the left sidebar and on Related Links page and SiteMap).

Map of Snidow Landmarks updated (See Site Map page).

Youth Page updated with info on Liberty's Kids.

Hazel Johnston's obituary uploaded to the In Memory page (see June, 2010).

Snidow Bridge in Monroe County, Missouri - article and pics added to the Site Map.

Chapman Cemeteries added to our Related Links & Site Map pages. Also a map of Snidow Landmarks in Giles was added to the Site Map page.

Old Documents page has a link to the Giles Co. 1888-89 Business Directory (very interesting!)

Picture of William Turner Snidow and wife Nancy was added to the Cemeteries page. I hope to work on the Snidow Ferry at Pembroke page and get more content added. The only link to it currently is right here. It includes a picture taken ca. 1910.

Wills and Rev. War Pension Applications can be found on the Old Documents page. Also, James Harvey Snidow 1800s pics & lineage was added in July, thanks to Jan Tynan! Hurricane announcement added to home page.

Some of our past uploads:

James Harvey Snidow - pics from the 1800s & lineage (very large file - slow to download).

Wm. H. Snidow 1840 letter added to Old Documents page

Snidow's Fort added to the Site Map

Horseshoe graves alphabetized (p. 6 of pdf)

Will of Christian (the Blacksmith) Snidow added

Elizabeth Snidow's Land Patent Survey 1782 added to Site Map & Old Documents page

Cousins Relationship Chart on the Sitemap page

Check out the view from the cockpit while landing at ROA (Home page)

Snidow Cabin (info and pictures) added (see Site Map)

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