The Snidow Ferry, Pembroke, VA

The Snidow Ferry on New River at Castle Rock in Pembroke, VA ca. 1910.

This picture was near the end of an era as the first bridge across the river at this location was built in 1916. Today the bridge is on Rt. 623 at the end of River Road in Pembroke. (From Snidow Street, turn onto River Road across from the fire station.)

Ferryman: Alonzo Thomas Link, grandson of Hannah Snidow and Christian Link and great-grandson of Jacob Snidow.   Child: Lon's son Albert Link

Thanks to the Links for sharing this picture at the 2010 reunion.

The Snidow family owned the ferry boat that crossed New River where the bridge now stands. The ferry carried folks from the train station across the river and transferred them to a Surrey which took them up to Mountain Lake Resort.