Jane & son
Thomas Snidow Lloyd

Jean, John and Coppie Snidow

Captain John J. Snidow
at the Snidow memorial

Nat Clark, Bill Snidow, Betty Snidow Strauss

Just before the luncheon at Mountain Lake Hotel in August 1999...
Ruth Blevins standing in foreground (white blouse)

Come get a picture in August under this sign!

Overlooking Pembroke, Virginia

Each year we have a short memorial service after the reunion.

   Again at the Memorial Service.

Sinking Creek covered bridge near Pembroke.

Two young Snidows ca. 1956 at the Sinking Creek Bridge..."Jackie & Janie" Snidow

Thomas Snidow Lloyd unveiling the Patriot Marker on the headstone of his 5th great grandfather, Col. Christian Snidow...during the 1999 dedication ceremony at Horseshoe Cemetery.

Ruth Blevins, Nat Clark

Lucille Collins (center - holding the wreath) with several of the Missouri cousins. This was taken at the Lily Hill Cemetery in Pembroke before the SAR ceremony to dedicate Patriot markers for ancestors Jacob & Philip Snidow.

If you saw the movie "Dirty Dancing", you saw Mountain Lake Hotel!

Scene of the 2002 annual meeting on August 11

2002 Snidow Reunion