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- Mary Elizabeth Ann Snidow 1845-1929
- Snidow Newsletter Compiler Needed
- Snidow Bridge in Monroe Co. MO
- Daisy Myrtle Snidow Tye
- Gordon Snidow Musical
- Elizabeth Campbell Snidow Payne: Relatives & Snidow furniture

- Mary French Turner Boswell
- Snidow Monument Property
- Snidow House in Billings, MT
- Curing Ham in the old days!

- Notes about Col. Christian
- Don and Nancy Johnston Honored
- Conrad Peters and Wife Clara Bow Snidow Book Donated to the Assn.

- Searching for the Grave of William Lucas Snidow
- DNA Project

- Rev. Eugene Snidow
- Snidow/Brown Family Bible Located
- White-haired Rebecca (dau. of Cptn. Thomas Burke)
- Work at Horseshoe Cemetery
- Family History Files Incarcerated!

- William Lucas Snidow
- Snidow Cemetery in Norcross
- 1866 Letter from Christian Columbus Snidow

- Christian Cephas Snidow
- 1774 Indian Massacre

- Missouri Trip
- Col. Christian Snidow's Obit
- Two Snidow Cemeteries
- Marriage Bond of Philip Snidow & Barberry Prilleman

- Pembroke's old Lutheran Church Closes
     (org. 1843 - seven of the charter members were Snidows)
- More on Col. Christian Snidow's Headstone
- Berman (B. C.) Snidow
- Tribute to Mary French Boswell
- Snidow Chapel - Lynchburg

- Col. Christian Snidow's New Headstone Dedicated
- Prillaman Connections
- Gordon Snidow Exhibition at the Smithsonian

- New River history
- William Henry Snidow 1796-1866
- Snidow's Contact with the Indians
- Horseshoe Farm & Cemetery history
- Castle Rock

1978 (Our very first newsletter!):
- First Snidow Family Reunion
- Sally Snidow Phlegar Observes 100th Birthday
- Dedication of Marker for Giles Revolutionary Soldiers
- Harriet French Turner

Newsletter Archives (Articles):
John Shneido (Volume 23 - 2),
The Old Stone House (Volume 24)
Col. Christian Snidow's Tombstone (Vol.4-1)
Snidows In The Civil War (Volume 7 - 2)

Newsletter Archives (Article on Clifton Leonard Snidow)

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New Editor!
MANY THANKS to Mabel Peters for 10 years of dedication to compiling the newsletter. She did a fabulous job and her efforts are sorely missed. We are still in need of a new newsletter editor. If you are interested, please contact Mabel. (See the link to our Contact page above).

New Address?
Each year, a number of the newsletters are returned due to an undeliverable mailing address. We know it is hard to remember to make changes for mail that arrives just once a year. But we will really appreciate the effort. Please contact Mabel Peters with any address changes.

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