Missouri Snidows:
Some descendants of Philip Snidow (ca. 1756-1792) and of his brother Jacob Snidow (1763-1847) removed from Virginia to Missouri beginning in the 1830s and 1840s. Descendants of Christian (1760-1836) moved to Missouri and westward in the 1880s. Consequently today we have many cousins in the mid-west. If you have information and/or pictures to add to this page, please contact our webmaster.

Monroe County:

Snidow Bridge & Ancestors' Gravestones

Mary Elizabeth "Ann" Snidow and Joseph W. Boulware

Hickory County:

Snidow/Ray Burying Ground
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Descendants of James Harvey Snidow, a grandson of Christian Snidow 1760-1836. Several of James Harvey Snidow's children migrated to Missouri and some of them went on to settle in Nebraska, with one son ending up in Oregon eventually.